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Anthony Rodrigo is a character in Season Two of the Showtime series DEXTER.

He was a crack dealer who killed people who got in his way, and one of the Bay Harbor Butcher 18.


Sergeant James Doakes and Detective Angel Batista were able to build a decent manslaughter case against Rodrigo. Unfortunately, Dexter Morgan had other plans and intentionally screwed up the blood work so he could have Rodrigo to himself. He was then killed by Dexter with a cordless reciprocating saw.


He is identified during the Bay Harbor Butcher Case. When Frank Lundy assigns the case to Debra Morgan, he tells her that Rodrigo's body was found in a garbage bag in the ocean.

Lundy interviews Dexter about Rodrigo's case and confronts him about his blood analysis that was proven wrong. He tells Dexter that since he is one of the most "cautious and precise forensic specialists" he has ever worked with, why he did he perform blood work that directly led to Rodrigo walking free. Dexter is taken off guard and gives a few feeble excuses, finally saying it was because he was overworked. Lundy acts somewhat skeptical of this reason.

Debra and Angel Batista question Rodrigo's paranoid neighbor, and collect his notes. He tells them that Rodrigo would play loud music and had urinated on his lilies. Later, Deb and Angel go through the notes and find that Rodrigo was carried out of his home by an unknown man and placed in a car on 16 April 2002, the night he disappeared. They run the license plate and discover that it was on a car being held in police evidence.


  • "I hope a whale ate him and shat him out, and then ate him again." ~Lenny Asher, regarding Anthony Rodrigo

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