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Angela Bishop

Angela Bishop Iron Lake Police Chief

Angela Bishop is a character in the Showtime special event series Dexter: New Blood.

She is the first Native American Chief of Police in Iron Lake. Angela is also the first female to hold that job as well. She was inspired to become a cop after a tragic event in her past. Though the community underestimates her, Angela is the only one who notices a pattern of crimes in the area, and she’ll stop at nothing to uncover the truth. She’s also Dexter’s love interest… which, of course, leads to some intriguing complications.  


In the premiere episode of New Blood, Angela pulls Dexter's car over and asks for his license and registration. He hands over a New York State driver’s license. She asks him to step out of the vehicle before patting him down. She pulls him in for a kiss and they laugh before having sex in her car. She then gets paged and has to go. She kisses Dexter and tells him to stop by the station later.

Back at the police station, Angela puts a missing poster on the wall- “same as always - no body, no pattern, no case.” Later that night, Dexter and Angela go out line dancing. At the line dancing bar, Angela overhears a girl asking about the cost of burger and she offers to pay. Angela then gives her money for bus fare and points out Desiree, a woman in town who runs a shelter in case she needs a place to crash for the night. Angela’s smart doorbell rings and sees a bunch of kids enter her house. She tells Dexter she needs to go “be a mom”.

At the end of the episode, Angela is at a Christmas festival with her daughter. She calls Dexter to ask where he is but he tells her he has to deal with a fox in the hen house and can't make it.

Angela drives over with a few other members of the police force to Dexter's house, because he's closest to the hunting woods where Matt Caldwell might be lost. Angela asks Dexter if she can go inside and she runs into Harrison, who introduces himself as “Jim’s son”. She seems surprised but introduces herself and walks inside.

Angela helps lead the search party for Matt- instructing police and townspeople on where to look. Later on, Angela visits Edward Olsen at his home to ask for his helicopter to cover more ground. He asks about the young woman who was leading the protest and if she’s Angela’s daughter. Angela confirms it was Audrey.

Angela tells Dexter later on that they need to talk. To Dexter's surprise, she’s thrilled Harrison is here and tells him that it’s okay he’s been private about his past. Angela admits she has secrets too - she’s not Audrey’s real birthmother. She gives him advice about parenting and tells him that this might even bring them closer together.

At the end of the day, Angela concludes that Matt shot the buck and probably ran away to avoid prosecution. She ends the search party until Kurt Caldwell, Matt's dad, comes up begging her to keep it going because he knows his son and doesn't believe he ran.

Angela tells everyone there was a break in the Matt Caldwell case - footage of Matt Caldwell shooting the deer. Angela calls Jim in to “clear something up”, to identify that the gun the person on film was holding was the same that Dexter sold Matt Caldwell. Dexter confirms it’s a similar gun. There is another heat screen shot of someone else in the woods heading to the same spot Matt was, but there are blind spots on the cameras and they didn’t catch anything else. Kurt Caldwell screams at Angela for not realizing earlier that this is a criminal investigation.

Angela calls in a crime scene investigator from Albany to run a series of tests at the crime scene. He finds human blood at the scene that was mixed with the deer blood. Damian, the investigator, guesses what happened at the scene which is strangely accurate. He believes there was an attack that was covered up. They get a sample of Kurt’s DNA to try and match the blood to Matt’s DNA.

Angela calls Kurt to tell him it’s a match for Matt’s blood. He’s furious with Angela for not doing better earlier in the investigation but she assures him she’s doing everything she can.

Angela goes to Johnny Bullhorn’s house and chats with a woman, Miriam, who tells Angela he hasn’t seen her around in a long time. She tells her she needs to ask Johnny a few questions.

Later on, Angela calls Jim and invites him over to dinner because Audrey invited over Harrison. At Audrey's request, they hold a bonfire to burn the white buck to honor it later that night.

Angela calls Jim (Dexter) to tell him the news about Matt being alive. Dexter explains that he ran into Kurt and that’s how he found out. At the police station, she takes Kurt's statement about FaceTiming with Matt and tells him Matt owes her a call to close out the missing person's case. Angela tells him she's called his cell several times and no one picks up.

Angela sees Molly Park through the window at the police station. Molly explains that she slept with Sergeant Logan and then barrages Angela with questions about the case - claiming it’s odd no one can make contact with Matt but that he’s supposedly okay. Molly claims she herself has called several times. Angela tells her to go or be arrested for interfering in an investigation. Angela instructs Logan to run Matt’s credit cards.

Angela and the police are called to the high school after Harrison and Ethan are stabbed. Logan shows Angela horrible graphic drawings and a list of people Ethan wanted to kill at school. Angela decides not to file charges against Harrison who claims he stabbed Ethan in self defense.

Later on, Molly Park walks into Angela’s office with a peace offering - photos of Faith Derwos taken three days earlier in Tulsa. Molly explains that she asked her followers for help after seeing Angela’s missing women board. She says Faith she goes by Lauren now and is just a runaway. Molly tells her that she got no hits on the other women she posted and asks Angela for her theory.

Angela tells Molly the story of Iris Broussard, her best friend in high school. Angela explains that everyone said Iris ran away but Angela didn’t believe that, and it’s the reason she became a cop. Molly suggests an alliance between her and Angela. Angela agrees to take the help. Molly sets down a recorder and asks Angela for every bit of information she has about these missing women.

Angela is fuming that Matt is eating five star room service while the town has been freezing looking for him. Molly suggests they go to the city to confront him - Logan accuses her of only wanting to do that to save her podcast, but Angela agrees that it’s good timing because there is a Missing Persons conference that she wanted to go anyway. Molly tells Angela she can fund the trip.

Molly and Angela go to the Gramercy Hotel in New York to confront Matt. Logan calls Angela to tell her about the party where Harrison OD’ed, where Audrey was present as well. Angela asks the front desk clerk for confirmation if Matt is a guest and he tells him Matt checked out the night before. She asks for video footage to confirm Matt was there and after some back and forth he agrees and tells her to come back later that night.

Angela attends the Missing Persons conference with Molly where Angel Batista is speaking about finding connections between murders to solve cases. At the end, Angela introduces herself to Angel Batista and tells him about her missing women. Angela tells him her gut says it’s not a coincidence and tells him about Iris. He tells her to listen to her gut. Angel tells her this reminds him of another case - the Trinity Killer. He tells him a smart woman solved the case - Debra Morgan but that she passed along with her brother, who had a small child named Harrison.

Angela sees the footage of Matt Caldwell at the hotel and sees a different person there instead. She’s confused about who the person is and why Kurt would lie. Angela goes home and hugs Audrey telling her she’s not mad. Audrey tells Angela what Harrison said before he passed out- that Jim’s name isn’t really Jim Lindsay.

Angela find something online and is shocked. She prints out the obituary for Dexter Morgan.

Angela pulls over Jim (Dexter’s) car and asks for his license and registration. He says “yes mistress” but she tells him not the one for Jim Lindsay - the one for Dexter Morgan. She instructs him to follow her directly to the station.

Angela storms into the station and Jim (Dexter) follows. Logan and the receptionist give him advice for dealing with his angry girlfriend, unaware what she’s mad about. Angela is furious that he’s been lying to her. Dexter explains that his wife, Rita, was murdered, and his sister Debra was also killed. It was all “too much” so he wanted to start over. He tells her he drove his boat into a hurricane intending to kill himself but that he survived and took it as a sign that he could start over. He tells her his life with Angela and Harrison is what he’s always needed. Angela tells him relationships are based on trust and questions if she can ever trust him again. Dexter leaves and Molly walks in.

Angela brainstorms with Logan about what could’ve happened to Matt Caldwell and why Kurt was lying. Logan defends Kurt, claiming he’s known him his whole life and he’s a good person. Angela theorizes that Kurt doesn’t want them to find something in the Clarke Caves, where they were going to search for Matt’s body the day after he told the police that Matt was alive. Angela calls in Teddy to join her at the caves tomorrow.

Molly talks to Angela about tricking Kurt and trying to interview him. Angela tells her to stay away from him for the time being.

The next morning, Angela walks into Audrey’s bedroom and sees Harrison in her bed, shirtless. She drives him to Dexter’s house and tells him to handle this.

Angela and Teddy go to the caves to look for bodies. They find a pile of rocks that looks manmade. Angela crawls into an open space and finds another bigger cave. She finds a body and screams to Teddy to get in here now. They find Iris’ body. Angela calls Dexter telling him she doesn’t need Jim- she needs Dexter Morgan.

Dexter and Angela stand in the cave over Iris’ dead body. She tells him because he’s a forensics expert she needs Dexter Morgan’s help before the other cops arrive. Iris’ body is semi-mummified because of the cold. Dexter inspects her body and sees that she was shot from behind with a rifle. He believes that she was likely dragged and buried alive after. Dexter pulls out one of her teeth and notices that skin is on it- she tried to bite her killer. They pull it for DNA. Angela admits she has a theory about who killed Iris- Kurt Caldwell.

Dexter tells Angela the truth about what happened at Kurt’s cabin with Molly. They drive to Kurt’s cabin. They shoot open the door and go inside- smelling bleach. They find the room completely stripped- no camera, no furniture, nothing. They decide to search dumpsters in a 100 mile radius.

Angela and Logan go to arrest Kurt at the diner. Later on, Molly rushes into Angela’s office, thrilled that they caught Kurt, and asks why Angela didn’t text her. Angela tells Molly they’re done because Molly withheld the information about the cabin.

Angela talks to Kurt about Iris and Matt. She asks him why he lied about receiving calls from Matt, when there is no record of any received call that night. She tells him his DNA is a match for DNA found on Iris’ body and he tells her he wants to talk to his lawyer. Kurt ends up blaming Iris' death on his father and gets let out of jail, to Angela's dismay. Kurt tells Angela “sorry for your loss” on his way out.

Molly meets Angela to talk to her as a friend. Angela opens up about how she was supposed to go with Iris that day she went missing. Angela admits that Jim (Dexter) followed Molly that day but Molly seems surprised because Dexter wasn’t sitting anywhere near Molly and Kurt. Molly suspects Jim was recording them.

Logan goes into Angela’s office and talks to her about Dexter. He mentions that Dexter beat up the drug dealer who gave the drugs that made Harrison almost overdose. She is surprised no one told her about it.

Angela tracks down Miles, who is still dealing drugs at the bar. She asks him what went down with Jim Lindsay. He explains how Jim asked about getting drugs to get him outside and then just attacked. Miles said he put a needle in his neck and then started punching him after the cops pulled up. Miles shows her the injection mark on his neck.

Angela tells Logan to close out Iris’ files and asks to be brought up to speed on the opioid case. She starts to get suspicions about what happened with Miles and Jasper.

Angela asks to observe Jasper’s body, asking the coroner if there is any other reason he could’ve died besides an overdose. She notices an injection mark on his neck and takes a picture.

Angela sits at home, looking at photos of Miles and Jasper. She searches on the internet for information about homicides in Miami and sees an article about the Bay Harbor Butcher.

At home, Angela looks at old victims of the Bay Harbor butcher and sees similar injection sites to the ones that Miles and Julian have. Angela and Audrey wish each other Merry Christmas.

Jim (Dexter) and Harrison go by Angela and Audrey’s to exchange presents. The doorbell rings and Kurt is at the door with a gift. Kurt sees Jim (Dexter) and Harrison and they exchange a few words before Kurt leaves. Dexter and Harrison abruptly leave and tell Angela he’ll be back later that night.

Angela shows up at Selena’s house with a gift and asks her about her ketamine supply. She confirms that Jim bought ketamine for his goat recently.

Dexter asks Angela if it’s okay if they don’t come over that night because they’ve been bonding. Angela tells him it’s no problem. She listens to Molly Park’s podcast about the Bay Harbor Butcher. As her suspicions grow, she calls Molly but just gets her voicemail.

Angela goes to a hotel and asks about Molly Park abruptly checking out. They go into Molly’s room and find camera and equipment in a locked safe - something Molly would never leave behind, according to Angela.

Audrey and Angela hear Dexter's house is on fire and they go over there, wondering what happened. Audrey begs Angela to let them stay with them. They all go back to Angela’s house. In her mailbox, Angela finds metal screws and a note that says, "JIm Linday killed Matt Caldwell."

Angela finds a titanium screw in the rubble of Dexter's burned cabin and her suspicions grow that Dexter murdered Matt Caldwell.

To get Dexter alone and arrest him for the murder of Matt, she sends Audrey and Harrison to Gig's store. To Dexter’s surprise, Angela pulls her gun and tells him to drop to his knees. As he's being held at gunpoint, Dexter sees her reflection in a toaster that is situated next to a block of knives. However, before he can escape, Logan arrives to handcuff Dexter and read him his rights. Dexter is taken to the police department where he is fingerprinted and photographed.

Angela questions Dexter in her office, showing him her evidence, but he insists that Kurt is setting him up. Angela meets Audrey outside and tells her that "Jim' is dangerous which confuses her. Meanwhile, Logan lets Dexter have a few minutes with Harrison. Dexter is then placed in a holding cell and given a tuna sandwich. After Angela returns to her office, she calls Angel Batista, who is surprised that Dexter is alive. He admits that Maria LaGuerta suspected that Dexter was the real Bay Harbor Butcher.

Dexter is brought back into Angela's office and she confronts about buying ketamine while presenting photos of victims with weal marks on their necks. Sounding a bit obsessed, she accuses Dexter of being the Bay Harbor Butcher. She tells him that Angel Batista is on his way from Miami and he will be extradited to Florida, a death penalty state. Dexter then promises to talk if she turns off the camera. When she does, he tells her about Kurt's bunker and the bodies of missing girls. Angela swears and leaves to check it out.

To escape custody, Dexter grabs Logan through the bars of his cell and smashes his head to get the keys. When Logan goes for his gun, Dexter snaps his neck, killing him.

Using Logan's phone, Dexter calls Harrison and they meet in the woods. When Harrison sees Dexter with blood smeared on his face, he deduces that Dexter killed Logan which upsets him. Dexter presses for them to leave together, but instead Harrison points his rifle at him. Not willing to be imprisoned, Dexter reminds Harrison to remove the safety and instructs him to aim for the heart. Angela soon arrives, finding Dexter shot dead. With her help, Harrison leaves town in his father’s truck.


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