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Andres Rodriguez is a character in Season Seven of the Showtime series DEXTER.

He was a member of the Rojas Cartel. They are heroin rivals of the Koshka Brotherhood.


Dexter tricks Isaak Sirko into following him to Mateo's Bar, a Colombian hangout. Dexter enters the bar, utters a single word, "Koshkas," and walks into the restroom. The biggest Colombian pulls his gun and goes after Dexter, but he had slipped out the window.

Isaak, unfamiliar with the bar, follows Dexter inside. He spots the three Columbians and smiles, realizing that Dexter had set him up. From outside, Dexter hears gunshots and assumes that Isaak was shot on sight. Instead, Isaak kills them all and leaves with nonfatal wounds.

Later, the homicide team finds the three dead Columbians in a bloody crime scene. Dexter is surprised because he had left Isaak outnumbered. Debra asks what happened and Dexter explains how the first two Colombians were murdered. Then he describes the confrontation between Andres and his killer.

Dexter: "Looks like our attacker ran out of bullets right around here." [He points to blood spatter.] "It's from a defensive wound. Looks like it was a deep cut -- forearm maybe, obviously not fatal. The attacker grabbed the nearest weapon... hit his victim over the head, inflicted a massive skull fracture... and walked right out the door."

While investigating, Dexter discovers Isaak's blood at the crime scene and he is arrested for murder. Isaak doesn't stay locked up for long, though.

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