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Anchor Woman is a character in Season Eight of the Showtime series DEXTER.

She covers the tropical storm report and the Oliver Saxon manhunt, as Dexter Morgan and Debra Morgan discuss their future lives.


Dexter has packed up his apartment in anticipation of his move to Argentina. He’s expecting Oliver Saxon to show up that night to kill him. He answers the knocking at his door, dismayed to find Debra. He pressures her to leave, but she insists that nothing will stand in the way of one more night with her brother. Dexter relents and they prepare a last meal together.

Debra: “How are Astor and Cody doing with the move?”
Dexter: “They're better now that I told them they could come down for Christmas and that Astor could have my SUV. You think you could drive it up to her? She asked about you.”
Debra: “Yeah, as soon as the storm passes. They're saying it might turn into a hurricane.”

Deb looks up at the muted TV where a news ticker reads “Tropical Storm Looms Over Miami” under the anchor woman.

Dexter: “It's one of the few things I won't miss about Florida.”
Debra: “God, this is such a mindfuck. After tomorrow, you're not gonna be here. What the fuck does that look like?”
Dexter: “We both start over.”
Debra: “Is that even possible?"
Dexter: “Yeah, I think so. Don't you?”
Debra: “It's just every fucked up -- every time I've been a complete mess, you've been there for me. Even when it was your fault that I was fucked up, you've never given up on me. So if I can't make this work... Going back to being a cop again, then who the fuck is gonna help me pick up the pieces of that?”
Dexter: “You're not that person anymore. You're stronger than that. You're stronger than I'll ever be.”
Debra: “I'm not.”
Dexter: “Deb, Dad and Vogel gave me the code, so I'd know the right thing to do, but you've always... just known. It's the compass I always wished I had. And as long as you listen to that, you won't need me. You'll be fine.”
Debra: “Maybe. But don't ever think that it was the code that made you a good brother. There's a human being in there. There always has been. Even if you can't see it.”

Debra notices a story on TV and turns up the volume.

Anchor Woman: “Miami Metro is seeking the public's help in locating a local man, Oliver Saxon, in connection with a string of grisly recordings that were recently obtained by channel eight news. Miami--”
Debra: (turns down TV) “Did you help them recently obtain that footage?”
Dexter: “I needed him to be a wanted man and force his hand. If he wants to take a last stab at me, now he has to do it tonight. Which I why I need you to get out of here, Deb. Please.”

However, Deb refuses to leave and stays to help Dexter capture Saxon.

The anchor woman reports on the storm, appearing on the TV in Dr. Turner’s clinic. Another reporter takes over regarding the shooting of Debra Morgan and the manhunt for Oliver Saxon. The story catches the attention of Saxon, who is in the clinic being stitched up by Turner. Saxon, surprised that Debra is still alive, heads to the hospital to finish her off.

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