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Amused Paramedic:

Amused Paramedic: Emergency Medical Responder

Amused Paramedic is a character in Season Five of the Showtime series DEXTER.

He transports Dexter Morgan and Boyd Fowler to the hospital after they tranquilize each other.


Dexter has targeted Boyd Fowler, a dead animal pickup officer. In order to lure him to an isolated area, Dexter calls in a dead gator near an abandoned Visitor Information Center. When the two arrive at the location, Boyd begins to search for the alligator, as Dexter closes in behind him. However, when Dexter injects Boyd in the neck with M99, Boyd quickly turns around and fires a tranquilizer dart into Dexter's midsection. They both pass out and fall to the ground, later waking up in an ambulance. The paramedic shines a light into Dexter's eyes.

Dexter: “Where am I?”
Paramedic: “On your way to County Medical. You know what city you're in?”
Paramedic: “What day is it?”
Dexter: “Wednesday. What happened to me?”
Paramedic: “A motorist spotted you lying on the side of the road, called 911. Seems this guy [looks over at Boyd] shot you with a tranq dart. Boys have an argument or something?”
Boyd: “No. No. Went off by accident.”
Dexter: (to Boyd) “Crazy asshole, you were supposed to shoot the gator.”
Boyd: (to Dexter) “You got in my way, you fucking numbskull.”
Paramedic: (to Boyd, smiling) “So what's your excuse?”
Boyd: “Huh?”
Paramedic: “Why were you unconscious?”
They must not have found my needle, Dexter thought.
Boyd: “I guess I was just so upset that I passed out.”
There's one piece of good luck.
Boyd: (trying to rise) “I really need to get back to my truck.”
Paramedic: (smiling) “Yeah, sorry. I can't let you jump out of a moving ambulance. We'll be there soon. Need to get you both checked over.”

When the ambulance arrives at the hospital, the paramedic helps unload Boyd and wheel him into the emergency room.


  • Although the actor is credited as “Paramedic,” the character's badge says “EMT.” Paramedics are trained to provide more advanced medical care than EMTs in emergency situations.

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