All in the Family - Chapter Two
Dexter Early Cuts All in the Family Ch

Dexter Early Cuts All in the Family Ch. 2

Director(s): Marco Fernandez
Writer(s): Scott Reynolds
Premiere: 28 August 2012
Dexter Early Cuts: All in the Family
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All in the Family - Chapter Two is the second of six episodes in the third season of the Dexter Early Cuts series. It belongs to the All in the Family storyline, which is the main plot from season three of Dexter Early Cuts.



Two Weeks Before New Year's Eve

While sailing at night on his boat, Slice of Life, Dexter points out how New Year's Eve brings his Dark Passenger to surface. He then throws various trash bags containing body parts into the ocean. While at work, Dexter states that keeping track of the Naughty Ones is what keeps his Dark Passenger at bay. Dexter targets a new killer who has escaped justice, Tony Rodriguez. When Dexter pays a visit to Tony's house, Dexter searches in the mail items inside the house and discovers that Tony no longer lives there. Back at his lab in Miami Metro, Dexter targets someone else, Sam Duke, however Doakes is just bringing Dukes into custody, Dexter remarks that Doakes is getting too good at his job. Dexter is approached by an officer and is informed that there is a dead hooker at motel Little Havana, which Dexter investigates. When studying the crime scene, Dexter finds out that he has seen the same blood spatter pattern before. He smiles and states that maybe his Dark Passenger can be sated after all.


Dexter Early Cuts All in the Family Ch

Dexter Early Cuts All in the Family Ch. 2

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