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Alex Timmons (Early Cuts)
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Writer(s): Lauren Gussis
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Dexter Early Cuts
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Early Cuts: Alex Timmons is the first part of Season 1 of Dexter Early Cuts, a web series released by Showtime in 2009. Each of the four chapters are approximately two minutes long. Alex also briefly appears in the TV episode "Return to Sender" in Season One of the Showtime series DEXTER.

Dexter Morgan hunts Alex, a former sniper in the Marines, who murdered three civilian children during the Gulf War.


Alex wore a variety of clothes, from hunting attire to tight-fitting muscle-T's and a cap.

Chapter 1

  • Release Date: 25 October 2009

It opens with Dexter talking about the concept of trophies, something that his adoptive father, Harry Morgan, never approved of. Dexter remarks that, although he has taken dozens of lives, his need to kill never dies. He mentions his upcoming project, a man named Alex Timmons.

Chapter 2

  • Release Date:1 November 2009

Dexter researches Alex Timmons, who grew up hunting, the same as he did. However, Alex focused on the weakest beings, such as a baby deer rather than an adult. Overcome with dark urges, Alex became a Marine sniper which allowed him to kill openly under the cover of law. Dexter usually respects such tactics but he felt that Alex took it too far. After Alex gunned down three civilian children, he was acquitted of murder and discharged from the Marines with a slap on the wrist.

Most days, Alex spends time targeting cans with his rifle and setting his sights on children at a nearby playground (but doesn't take a shot). As Dexter stalks him, he states that Alex is now in his crosshairs.

Chapter 3

  • Release Date: 8 November 2009

Alex begins practicing at an indoor shooting range. As Dexter watches him, he thinks that guns, in the wrong hands, are just too dangerous. Using a fake Southern accent, Dexter approaches Alex, who continues shooting at a target. Dexter pretends to be likeminded by calling the people in Iraq "ragheads" and also saying that the children should be killed first before they grow up to be terrorists. Alex agrees, which seems to confirm that he was killing for sport. When Alex's target sheet is returned, all the bullet holes are centered on the picture of the hostage, not the masked gunman. Out in the parking lot, Dexter stages a trap for Alex, asking him to help with his car. When Alex looks under the hood, Dexter injects Alex with M99.

Chapter 4

  • Release Date: 15 November 2009

Having captured Alex, Dexter takes him to a secure location where he is kept subdued and surrounded by his hunting trophies. The room is covered in plastic sheeting. Dexter mocks Alex by asking why he didn't stuff the children he killed and hang them up on the wall with the dead animals. When Alex's gag is removed, he responds with fearful begging, and asks what Dexter wants from him. Alex even admits to the killings, hoping that might assist him in staying alive...but Dexter doesn't care. Dexter tells Alex that he should probably shoot him, but he prefers knives to guns because they are more "intimate."

Dexter picks up an Army combat knife and slices Alex's cheek to test it. As he looks at the blood on the blade, he suddenly has an idea. He places a drop of blood onto a blood slide and smiles, as he creates his first trophy. He thanks Alex for inspiring him, then stabs him in the heart. After discarding Alex's body, Dexter returns home, places the trophy into the first blood slide box, and hides it behind the AC unit.


  • Three civilian children in Iraq
  • Members of the opposing force (assumed)


  • In Early Cuts, Alex Timmons would technically not be classed as a serial killer, as murders committed by serial killers usually do not include war crimes.

Differences Between Series

In the TV series, Alex is only seen during a flashback in "Return to Sender" while he's taped to a table with a cut on his cheek. Alex's line in that episode is spoken in the Early Cuts version, before Dexter realizes how he's going to keep trophies of his kills. In the TV series, Alex kills four people (off screen) after he returns to the States, mentioned on a defunct Showtime website.

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