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Alan Matherson is a character in Season Two of the Showtime series DEXTER.

He's one of Dexter Morgan's identified victims during the Bay Harbor Butcher Case.


Alan is six feet tall with long, wavy black hair. In his mug shot, he's wearing a red shirt with a white undershirt.


Special Agent Frank Lundy gathers the team for a Bay Harbor Butcher Case presentation. At Lundy's request, Dexter checks through a folder, holding files for twelve additional victims that he newly identified from blood slides. Alan is one of them.

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  • On 12 March 2002, Matherson was arrested by Officer James Doakes on two counts of first degree murder.
  • His last known address and birthday is the same as Buck Forester. (Writers likely used the same info.)
  • In "Finding Freebo", there are discrepancies in Matherson's file. Examples include, he was born on 12 September 1961; his address was 1421 Edmont, Miami, 33130; and he was arrested on 12 April 2002 for one count of pandering.