Adalia Braydon

Adalia Braydon

Adalia Braydon (born 19 July 1981) is an American actress and singer.

In 2009, she played Young Teacher in Showtime’s series DEXTER.


Season Four:



Her films include Better Living Through Chemistry (2014, uncredited); A Thousand Words (2012, uncredited); Jelly (2010); Off the Ledge (2009); Machine (2007); Alice in Wasteland (2006); and Orthogenesis (2005).

TV Movies

Her TV movies include This Might Hurt (2009).


Her shorts include The Hanging Tree (2008); and Opening Night (2007).


Her TV credits include appearances in Entourage (uncredited); The New Adventures of Old Christine (uncredited); Greek (uncredited); Game Show in My Head; True Blood (uncredited); Boston Legal; How I Met Your Mother (uncredited); Criminal Minds; and On the Lot.

Personal Life

Adalia was born in Chicago, Illinois. She briefly lived in Poland as a child and is fluent in Polish. At the age of five, she started singing and dancing. She earned a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice & Criminology.

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