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A.J. Yates's House

A.J. Yates' House is a location in Season Eight of the Showtime series DEXTER.

It’s the home of a serial killer of women.


One-story, residential house, located in Miami, with security cameras and a hidden basement.


Dexter Morgan is working his way through a list of Dr. Evelyn Vogel's former patients, searching for The Brain Surgeon, who is leaving brain sections from his victims at Vogel's doorstep. A.J. Yates is next on his list to be investigated.

He breaks into A.J.’s home, looks around, and notes that he has an elderly father in a nursing home. Opening a closet, he discovers a collection of women's shoes (right side only) and lifts fingerprints from them. Meanwhile, he’s unaware that A.J. is downstairs in the basement, secretly watching Dexter on video monitors. Behind A.J., a bound and gagged woman is seen. A.J. climbs the stairs and quietly approaches Dexter until he hears Dexter on the phone with Vogel and realizes they are working together.

Later, Dexter returns to A.J.’s house after dark, only to find that he has moved out in a hurry. He discovers the hidden basement, and realizes A.J. was watching him earlier. Inside a cupboard, he finds bone saws, specimen jars, and a surgical guide to cutting skulls, leading him to conclude that A.J. is The Brain Surgeon. A thud is heard and he looks inside a tool cabinet, where he finds and rescues Janet Thorton, who is blindfolded and bleeding from a stab wound to the chest.

Dr. Vogel comes to A.J.s house when Dexter informs her of what happened. While she is there, Dexter checks A.J.’s computer and discovers he has Vogel's patient files. Against the protests of Vogel, Dexter reads his own file and learns that Vogel dismisses his feelings as an “affectation" or a delusion. Furious, he accuses Vogel of treating him like a lab rat and tells her that, when this is over, she is out of his life. He asks her if she needs to write it down. Vogel is clearly shaken by his behavior.

Miami Metro Homicide digs up the backyard of A.J.’s house, discovering the decayed remains of six of his victims. Each of the victims had her toes broken separately over time, then stabbed to death, and buried with her purse, left shoe, and I.D. While Dexter’s there, Debra arrives to tell him that Vogel's house has been ransacked and she has gone missing. The two leave and begin searching all possible locations A.J. that could have taken Vogel, suspecting it to be one of the vacant houses where he's assigned.

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