Tony Tucci è un personaggio della serie televisiva Dexter (show). E' stato uno dei potenziali sospettati nel caso del Killer del camion frigo ma più tardi si è scoperto che è stata una sua vittima.


Tony Tucci is a somewhat heavyset man in his thirties to forties with black hair and brown eyes.


Tucci has a relatively optimistic attitude considering his status as a double amputee thanks to ITK, and his attitude borders on comedic at times. He is also fairly flirtatious with women, as shown when he competes with Rudy Cooper for the affection of Debra Morgan, a competition in which Rudy eventually wins out. One of his biggest worries following the incident is how it will affect his status with women. However, Debra manages to get Tucci a night with Shanda, a prostitute that Debra had befriended while undercover. After Tucci gets his new prosthetic leg and arm (courtesy of Rudy), he and Shanda seem to develop a relationship.

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He has an assault record.


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Tony Tucci was a security guard in an ice skating rink where the body parts of one of The Ice Truck Killer's victims were found. Security camer footage from the ice rink showed Tucci arranging the body parts on the ice and he is later found to be missing. Maria LaGuerta outed him as ITK and put out a warrant for his arrest, launching a high priority manhunt for Tucci. LaGuerta's suspicions are later disproven when Tucci's severed left arm
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and right leg are planted by the real ITK who, unbeknownst to Miami Metro Homicide, was leaving them as clues for Dexter Morgan. Dexter ends up being led by the trail of bodyparts to the basement of an abandoned hospital where Dexter's foster father, Harry Morgan, was being treated (as indicated by flashbacks during the first season). Tucci is bound to a table in the rat infested basement, set up for Dexter to kill him. He fails to meet Dexter's c
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ode, however, and Dexter sends Debra an anonymous tip leading her to the hospital and Tucci.
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Tucci is later interviewed by Debra Morgan and James Doakes, but Tucci proves to be of little help, as he hadn't seen the killer face, being blindfolded the entire time, which also prevented him from seeing Dexter finding him in the basement. When blindfolded again at Debra's suggestion, however, Tucci did recall that ITK seemed to be fond of lozenges, which he noticed he sucked on by the distinct scent of menthol. The forensics team later finds the wrapper for one of these lozenges in the basement as a part of a rat's nest with a partial finger print on it. Prosthetic surgeon Rudy Cooper provides Tucci with fully functioning replacements for his missing leg and arm. Now back on his feet, Tucci seems to be in a relationship with Shanda.