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La Prima Stagione comprende i primi dodici episodi della serie televisiva DEXTER della Showtime. Trasmessa in prima visione nell'ottobre 2006, rappresenta l'adattamento televisivo del romanzo La mano sinistra di Dio di Jeff Lindsay.

La Prima Stagione di Dexter è l'unica ad essere collegata esplicitamente ai romanzi, più precisamente al primo La mano sinistra di Dio.


Il principale antagonista nella Prima Stagione è "Killer del camion frigo", un serial killer di prostitute che sfugge alla Polizia di Miami. Il killer lascia sulla scena del crimine degli indizi legati alla vita di Dexter.

Meanwhile, Dexter is romantically involved with Rita Bennett, a single mother whose soon-to-be ex-husband, Paul Bennett, is released from prison on Parole. While Bennett is good to their children, he repeatedly — but unsuccessfully — attempts to get back with Rita. After Bennett threatens him, Dexter knocks Paul out, and then sets him up to look like he violated his parole by using heroin. While back in prison, Bennett insists that Dexter set him up, but Rita ignores him.

Debra Morgan begins dating a prosthetics doctor named Rudy Cooper — who is secretly the Ice Truck Killer. After they get engaged, Cooper kidnaps Debra and lures Dexter to the house where he is keeping her. Here Dexter recognizes Cooper as Brian, his long-lost brother. Brian tells Dexter that, as children, they witnessed their mother's murder at the hands of drug dealers, who then left the two of them in a shipping crate for two days, sitting in a pool of their mother's blood. He also learns that Brian spent much of his childhood in an institution. Brian brings Dexter to a bound Debra, intent that the two of them would kill her together to cement their bond and sever the ties between Dexter and his adoptive family. Dexter hesitates for a moment, but eventually stops Brian from killing her; moments later, the police arrive and Brian escapes. After luring Brian into a trap, Dexter drugs and kills him, making it look like a suicide; everyone, including Debra, remains unaware of the exact connection between Dexter and Brian. Dexter feels some regret over killing Brian, the one person who fully understood him, in order to save Debra, who he knows would reject him if she ever learned his true nature.

Personaggi PrincipaliModifica

  1. Dexter Morgan
  2. Angel Batista
  3. Rita Bennett
  4. James Doakes
  5. María LaGuerta
  6. Debra Morgan
  7. Harry Morgan

Personaggi RicorrentiModifica

  1. Brian Moser
  2. Vince Masuka
  3. Thomas Matthews


Dexter premiered on October 1st, 2006 with the episode of the self title Dexter. The season set up the usual 12 episode format of one hour running time. This is normal considering most half-hour shows run about 24 episodes a season.