Brian Moser (anche conosciuto con lo pseudonimo di Rudy Cooper), è un personaggio della serie televisiva Dexter (show). Alla fine della Prima Stagione viene rivelato che Brian è il fratello maggiore biologico di Dexter Morgan e figlio di Laura Moser. Non è mai stato specificato ma si suppone che Joe Driscoll sia suo padre. He is one of Debra Morgan's past lovers.

He was a Serial Killer and at that, the first major one (aside from Dexter) introduced into the series, with his total body count mounting somewhere in the 20's and 30's, maybe more. He is referred to as The Ice Truck Killer (shortened to ITK, similar to the Bay Harbor Butcher being BHB and the Doomsday Killer being DDK), and piritually for Dexter. In addition, he is the only serial killer to appear in both the Novels and the television series. In the series, he is by far the most referenced (having been mentioned in every season, except season 8, in some form or the other by Dexter Morgan or Debra Morgan). He is the First Main Antagonist in the series.

Season Six sees his partial return, acting in place of the role of Harry Morgan when Dexter chose his darkness over the light in dealing with the savagery of Nick, the man who killed his friend Brother Sam. The Ice Truck Killer investigation has been referenced throughout the course of the series, but now he returns as a strong personification of his Dark Passenger, urging Dexter for his kills. Dexter manages to fight off this apparition in favor of Light, however another character named Louis Greene appears to have some connection to ITK and has a very strong fascination in his brother, Dexter Morgan.


Brian is a rather tall and thin man with curly black hair and a distinct facial structure. He is reasonably handsome, just like his brother Dexter Morgan. He's also fairly strong for despite being thin and could be on par with Dexter, minus the same type of martial arts training that Dexter has had. He has green eyes and a scar just on the top of the left side of his lip (due to a development earlier in the season). His typical attire is either that of a labcoat and dress pants, or a red button up t-shirt over a white undershirt and brown pants along with it. His kill attire is all black, covering almost all of his skin except his face. When killing his victims, he'll typically wear an apron and protective gloves along with something to protect his face (much like his brother).


Brian's personality is complex, similar to his brother. He has several different ways he acts, starting with his personality as a child. Brian is also very intelligent, as shown throughout the first season, easily able to evade the police, frame an innocent man and trick Debra Morgan into loving him. Brian's fascination for prosthetics and limbs stem from watching his mother get brutally dismembered in a cargo container with his brother Dexter. Like his younger brother he can easily hide his true self by putting on a mask of deceptiveness, despite his monster within. Brian suffers for early onset sociopathic behavior, as most sociopaths seem to bud in their teen years, like his brother.

Young "Biney"Modifica

Brian as a child was a very shy, reserved little boy with a quiet nature about him. Even back then around other people he could have a different personality, except then it was him only feeling comfortable around his brother Dexter and his mother Laura Moser.

He was and has always been very fond of his brother, caring for him with a bond that cannot be broken despite whatever problems the two of them might have. As a boy he often held onto Dexter wanting to keep him safe and close at all times. When Dexter rode on his skateboard, he didn't get mad and even complimented the wipe out but told him to be careful next time so he wouldn't hurt himself again.

After their mother is killed, the experience burns itself deep within Brian's mind yet he still holds onto his brother's hand caring for him: the only part of his innocence that did not die in that container. With several days sitting in blood added with the trauma of watching it occur, then having his brother taken from him while splitting the two among a foster family and a mental facility...Brian was left with nothing but a memory of what he once had.

Growing UpModifica

Brian learned to adapt and as he was taught in the mental facility, he also picked up on the ability to mask his true self. Despite having the obvious dysfunction of needing to kill, he was able to hide it so well that he was released at the age of 21 and allowed to lead his own life. He still held onto the memory of his brother but at this point, he needed to secure a life for himself so Brian proceeded to the Sorbonne in Paris where he learned extensively about the human form. His dark, insatiable urge to kill was now coupled with the knowledge of how a human body works and at some point he manifested this into chopping up bodies while also draining them completely of blood.

As the Ice Truck KillerModifica

Brian's memory of his mother's dismemberment implanted an unusual craving in his mind: he needed to kill and dismember the bodies. Essentially Dexter chose this method more to get rid of the evidence, easier to stuff them in individual bags to dispose of...however, it is likely that he may have subconsciously chosen dismemberment due to witnessing his mother's murder in the same way Brian did. The difference between Brian and Dexter is the method of cutting each body part such as choosing much more individual pieces as well as making them even, symmetrical portions.

File:2013-08-23 2151.png
Another unique factor that Dexter praises about the way these victims are handled is, the absence of blood. Brian has developed his own method for draining the blood right out of each corpse before he cuts them up (allowing the actual dismemberment to not be a messy process). By stringing them up, upside down on an electric-powered table with metal grating...he has them upside down over a bucket where their neck is then slit at the jugular to allow the heart itself to do the rest of the work (pumping all the blood out). He keeps the buckets, either as trophies or for his later scheme in making his brother remember the past.

When under the guise of the killer, at first his actions may suggest that he was toying with the police but in reality he never cared for them: the games, the messages they were all meant for his brother Dexter Morgan, whom he not only discovered worked as a forensic blood spatter analyst with an impressive track record but also a serial killer just like himself.

Brian's methods were detailed, encrypted...he left bodies in ways that threw the police in multiple directions: chasing a non-existent witness by creating an incomplete cut on one leg (making it seem like he was interrupted), a spotless Ice Truck with just what was needed to identify the victim, framing an innocent man at first before next cutting off bits and pieces of him as part of a puzzling message, and infiltrating a risky plan as lover to Debra while getting closer to his brother, before using a few endgame pieces to bring it all together. As far as his intelligence goes, Brian is very calculating and cautious...his only mistake was anticipating Dexter's reaction.

In relation to his encrypted messages, Brian knew exactly how to convey the past without giving too much away to spark Dexter's memory. He first left body parts and doll pieces as clues that he knew what Dexter was, then the different colored fingernails of their mother (something Dexter didn't understand until much later), Tony Tucci pieces left displayed in significant moments of Dexter's past leading him to a location where Tucci could be made a fresh kill, killing their father while introducing Dexter to one aspect of his past, the blood in the hotel room, and finally the closure at the Moser household in the end. He was able to successfully make Dexter remember his past in his own, gruesome manner but at the same time failed to understand the emotions Dexter was forming for those around him especially his sister Debra Morgan.

In the Mask, as Rudy CooperModifica

Rudy Cooper the prosthetist was an alias that Brian used in order to secure a new life for himself without the past history of a mental patient. Under this alias, Rudy came off as a charming man with a good heart who sought to help those where he couldn't help his mother. According to his story, when he was little his mother lost both of her legs in an accident and he always wanted to be able to fix her, so he grew up into prosthetics where he would be able to just that.


Following the Tucci incident, Rudy helps prepare and care for his former victim Tony Tucci whom he personally dismembered a leg and hand off of. It's here where he acts like a generous, helping physician that also spots the officer Debra Morgan casually flirting with her at the moment and jokes that he might have to fight off Tucci just to get at her. When Debra provides Tucci with a prostitute friend of hers named Shanda, she heads outside feeling good that she could do that for him and spots Rudy who gives her a wide smile before departing, something that Debra becomes attracted to. Later on at Tucci's release the two of them have a moment to speak with one another, where he comes onto her by talking about his education at the University of Paris-Sorbonne which Debra finds fascinating about him. The two begin to have some romantic tension between them, which escalates after asking her to dinner the next night that results in the two of them sharing a passionate kiss.

Rudy's personality with Debra seemed sincere (possible the feelings were genuine) but ultimately Brian's goal was to get close to Dexter. The time spent with her was romantic, filled with a tender care as well as an animalistic love (the two would often kiss each other in a sexual sense) while Deb showed that she was afraid to get too serious for she feared losing it all in the end. Rudy was able to calm those nerves, make her feel comfortable and ultimately she fell in that much more love with him. Even after his betrayal and turnaround as Brian Moser, she still feels that "Rudy" was a really great guy...who just happened to be a serial killer. She still feels some praise for the man she fell in love with and it may also be guided by Dexter's lie that his reasoning for being there was because Rudy wanted to be "talked down" from killing Deb.

Around Dexter, Rudy tried his best to appear as just the concerned friend and boyfriend to Dexter's sister. Dexter was somewhat evasive when it came to talking to Rudy, he thought it awkward that this guy wanted to be close with him and it's possible that Brian could feel this "rejection" but he needed to keep his guise, in order for the reveal to make sense in the end for Dexter. However appearing as a friend, he was able to at least spend time with his brother and just acted like a regular guy with him.

Towards everyone else, Rudy was just a regular guy who happened to help people as a prosthetic surgeon. Nothing off about him, no issues whatsoever...the perfect mask for the public.

Without the Mask, as Brian MoserModifica

Brian without the mask or needing to be calculated as the Ice Truck Killer was a man determined to be with his brother. There were signs that he cared for Debra but at the same time he was ready for her to die, remorseless in the end. She was a part of his plan he claimed, so she would serve her purpose.

Human life really seems to show little to no value to this Brian, he'll kill anyone especially those that might get in his way or provide "assistance" (such as a man named Fred who he kills simply for the car). He also really enjoys the act, acting as if it's a casual thing for him and remarks in a cocky, sarcastic manner. His personality is laid back, controlled and free...he enjoys not having to hide behind another personality, capable now of kicking back and killing at will.

When it comes to Dexter, Brian is how he was as a child...caring, understanding...he wants to protect his little brother but he also wants his brother to go with him, leave behind his life. After Brian's death the Dark Passenger version of himself urges Dexter to leave behind this stale, human existence of a normal person in pursuit of a vigilante, violent and free killer. It is presumed that Dexter's thought of Brian was exactly how the Passenger is represented: a joking, energetic, laid back and evil, psychotic man that seeks nothing but death, fun and freedom.



Brian's opposite of Dexter in more than the obvious ways. His interests, his outward personality...while Dexter feels less and less human, Brian embraces the humanity but at the same time the darkness in himself. He doesn't mind kicking back and having fun, he has a great appreciation for rock music and apparently enjoys pizza as well as fast food. He knows how to dance as well as "air guitar", however it should be noted that despite his ability to do this he appears to be ambidextrous.

Early lifeModifica

Childhood with his FamilyModifica


The Moser Household

Brian Moser was born in 1968-1969 to Laura Moser and Joe Driscoll. Based on his shy, quiet nature when he's five it's likely he grew up in a time where Joe may have either been abusive or neglectful (as their exact relationship with one another is unclear however Brian did eventually kill his father so it is suggested that they weren't close). In 1969-1970 his mother Laura gives birth to a second child named Dexter and from that moment on Brian looked out for his little brother. They would continue to live in a small house at 1235 Mangrove Drive in Miami, Florida and as Brian became old enough, he started to attend school.


The earliest known event in Brian's life were the times he spent at his mother's house roughly around the age of 5, often playing hide and seek with her as well as his little brother Dexter. Dexter was the more energetic, happy child that laughed happily and teased with joy when hiding from his mother who treated him in just the same generous way. Brian was more quiet, reserved and kept in the back but he had a deep affection for his little brother, often cradling him in his arms or holding onto him as a protector and caring brother would.


Some time later Dexter actually managed to ride on Brian's skateboard and had a wipe out, Brian comforted him by telling him it was the best wipe out he'd ever seen and puts a band aid on his knee while giving him tips to bend his knees the next time he tries while Dexter nods in agreement. The two can often be seen playing together and Biney will usually be hugging Dexter, the two having a great childhood together.


Unfortunately Dexter's mother was an drug addict (likely entering the trade when her boyfriend at the time, Joe Driscoll, returned from the Vietnam War and started becoming an addict himself), this never affected her love for her boys but it put her at high risk with certain parties. She met Detective Harry Morgan and began acting as his informant in the Estrada cartel, trying to provide intel that would help bring down the drug kingpin. On Friday September 28, 1973 she met with Harry in an interview while bringing her youngest son Dexter along, while her older son Brian was in school. Laura told him that she wanted out of this, that it was far too risky for her and her boys and Harry assured her that nothing would happen to her or her children. She felt that her life may be on the line believing they were followed to the park the previous day, information that would later turn out to be a love affair. While Harry was seeing Laura despite being with his wife Doris Morgan, Laura was in fact also cheating on her boyfriend Joe. Harry closed out the interview, patting Dexter on the head even then somewhat symbolizing the later fatherhood figure he would become.

The Shipping Yard MassacreModifica


On Wednesday October 3, 1973 Laura Moser, her two sons Dexter and Brian, as well as three other drug users were hurdled into the shipping container CBAN 348 9 by Estrada's henchmen: Santos Jimenez, Lipsey and Welsh. It is believed that just Santos wielded the chainsaw, as the other two are often seen likely standing there to prevent anyone from escaping.


The three unnamed victims were all slain by the chainsaw, leaving Laura Moser for last begging them not to do this in front of her baby. She screamed and cried as they revved the chainsaw, turning then to give a final smile to Dexter (most likely because he was the youngest at the time and the baby in the family) She said to close his eyes, not to look and that she loved him before Santos finally cut into her, killing Laura in front of both of her sons with no remorse.


Dexter and Brian, forced to sit in blood for two days

Santos and his comrades fled the area while Dexter and Brian sat there, for two entire days sitting in blood that would forever change both boys. Brian, who was older, would always remember this experience but Dexter was shut down emotionally for the next 30 years he wouldn't know how to be human anymore. A happy childhood ended in tragedy, to create two boys who would grow up to be serial killers. Only one of them, however, was given the means to control and focus these urges thanks to the first man on scene, Harry Morgan. Brian suffered with the memories of this event, it helped fuel his curiosity in the human body as well as dismemberment and likely the amount of blood in the container helped in his style to drain the victims of all of their blood.


Dexter losing grip of his brother's hand as he's carried away

Detective Morgan opened the shipping container door, startled by the absolute carnage inside. He spotted the two children however and moved in to pick up the younger, Dexter. As Harry was picking up Dexter, he held on tightly to his brother's hand before it slipped from his grasp and both boys called out to one another. Harry looked Brian in the eyes and saw (what Brian later claimed in his adult years) "a fucked up kid", rather than taking him as well he left the container while Brian screamed "please don't leave me Dexter!". As he got outside, he told the other officers with him to get in there immediately and Brian was recovered but Harry held onto Dexter, holding him close as he said everything would be alright. He made his way to the car while Dexter looked on without emotion to this accident, eventually blocking it out of his mind for most of his life. Santos Jimenez and the other two were arrested shortly thereafter for the crime, Santos managed to cut a deal and moved to Naples when given the chance but one of the other two died while the other has life without parole in prison. Joe Driscoll, their father, found out about the carnage and fearing for his own life fled Miami leaving behind his children behind and apparently settled in Dade City, where he'd eventually drop his drug addiction after a stay in prison and went on to live a quiet, lonely life. Dexter was brought into the Morgan family, where he'd be raised by Harry and become the brother of Debra Morgan.

Growing UpModifica

According to Brian, all Harry saw in him was a "fucked up kid" as did the other officers so rather than approve him to go with his brother Brian was placed inside of a mental facility in Tampa Bay, Florida. His only family now was a group of other disturbed children and then the psychiatrists working with him, the only thing he held onto were the memories of what happened to his mother and the thought of his brother, Dexter. It's unknown where Brian acquired the ability to mask himself and blend in the way Harry taught Dexter, as there was no such guidance to aide him in his life. With the uncontrollable urge unchanneled but never unleashed, Brian never learned restraint or a Code to choose which people to kill...meaning that he was free to claim any life he desired. It is likely without Harry's guidance that Dexter would have been the same way Brian is in his adult life. This ability to hide who he truly was made him appear fit for society, so as he grew up studying in the mental hospital rather than an actual school he eventually was released at the age of 21. His life after that seemingly vanished from record however, as the man named Brian Moser disappeared...


Brian is introduced during Season One and follows through into Season Two as a spiritual being until Dexter is finally able to give him up. He is referenced throughout the course of the series, explored by Debra Morgan in Season 4 and finally, after all the references in Season Six he makes his appearance in place of Harry Morgan as a personification of his Dark Passenger. There are many characters that have some connection or interest with ITK, as well as Dexter himself specifically Louis Greene most recently.

Prima StagioneModifica

Season One primarily follows the exploits of a man dubbed the Ice Truck Killer and his game of wits with serial killer Dexter Morgan.

Prior to Activity in MiamiModifica

Brian traveled the country and even across the world following his release from the Tampa Mental Institution after being cleared at Age 21. It is believed that due to his isolation in the facility, he chose to travel in order to secure a life for himself and see what had passed him by growing up from the 1970s and part of the 80's. At some point in his lifetime he traveled to Paris, France where he would study the human form at the University of Paris-Sorbonne,[1] that helped provide an acute knowledge of the human body (which would be used later in his life for the dismemberment of his victims). Brian states that a little while after he entered Prosthetics, though it's likely at this time he had already killed the man named Rudy Cooper in 1998, assuming his identity including all of his information in order to enter the medical field.

It is unknown how long Brian assumed the style he adopted of draining the victims of their blood then dismembering them piece by piece or when he made his first actual kill (by the way Brian describes it, the original Rudy does not sound like the first victim) but one thing was for certain: the hunger never stopped. It is likely that before he finally tracked down his brother Brian killed more than 50 people but this number can't be confirmed only the three prior to his arrival in Miami. It is likely that in a way similar to Arthur Mitchell, Brian transferred himself to various locations throughout the country in search of his brother while also working as a Prosthetic surgeon, allowing him the funds he needed while pursuing a field that best fit his interest in the human body and dismemberment (formed by watching his mother chainsawed to pieces in front of him). Here he would practice on his victims while trying to find the elusive Dexter Moser but was never clear on a location, until 2006. After leaving two bodies in Broward, Brian's travels brought him back to Miami where he discovered that Dexter Moser was in fact named Dexter Morgan.

Brian did his research at this point, able to trace back to the cop who found them at the scene Harry Morgan as well as his adoptive sister Debra Morgan. The more surprising fact is that in this time he learned about Dexter's life growing up (most likely when Dexter went out, he would sneak in to learn everything about him), at some point in one of Dexter's many victims Brian tailed him and observed the way his brother was. A feeling deep inside both made him feel overjoyed that his brother was just the same way that Brian had always been and also prompted him to finally make a move to show him there's someone else out there just like Dexter.

He started to construct an elaborate plan that would guarantee that he would not only show Dexter who he truly was (as he figured out that Dexter must not have had memory of the past, in addition he knew of Dexter's choice to only target criminals based on Harry's teachings), but reunite the two of them after making all the facts of Dexter's past come to light. So he started with a single victim, a prostitute left at a hotel...

Bloodless VictimsModifica

Dexter Morgan returns home to find a message on his answering machine from his sister Debra Morgan regarding a murder at the Seven Seas Motel, she personally requests that he appears there with a "pretty fucking please with cheese on top" which causes him to laugh and he readies himself to show up on scene. As he arrives, he passes through the yellow tape looking around slightly until he spots his sister (in her undercover outfit) who pulls him into her motel room. She does a run-through on the body, saying that it's the third victim in the past five months, with the other two victims found in Broward chopped up just like this one. Dexter seems a little surprised at a Serial killer but Debra asks him if he can help her out, get a hunch on the situation that may enable her to finally transfer out of Vice into Miami Metro Homicide, where her brother works alongside the department as a forensic blood spatter analyst. Dexter agrees and heads outside, probably not expecting more than the usual work.

As he moves down into the pool he is greeted by the always perverse Vince Masuka, his coworker with a sense of humor. After making a joke about his attraction to Debra, he asks why Dexter is even here and Dexter replies by saying it's a crime scene though Masuka points out that he does blood spatter and there isn't any at the scene. This catches Dexter by surprise, something he hadn't thought of before as Masuka explains there's no blood in, on or around the body at all before he asks Detective Angel Batista to go ahead and show the body to Dexter. He approaches anxious to see the body, his face lined with an expression of awe while viewing the corpse of this dismembered corpse wondering to himself just how could he get rid of the blood? He begins to praise the work in his mind, saying that he's never seen such clean and neat dead flesh feeling it's unique. Angel describes that the body isn't complete however, pointing out a rough cut that seems interrupted on the left thigh (leaving it in just three pieces, not four as the other leg) and they begin working on the angle of there possibly being a witness in the area. Dexter stands up, believing he can't think if there's no blood and finds a way to head out of there since he's the blood guy then there's nothing he can do there. As Dexter leaves the scene, he looks back thinking that perhaps this guy exceeded his own abilities.


Debra Morgan is added to the case thanks to their father's old friend Captain Tom Matthews and Dexter later visits his girlfriend Rita Bennett in order to go out on a date with her. The two arrive at a festival of sorts, where all sorts of food items and partying commences while Dexter sort of plays along to seem normal enough. As the two stand at a crab table with Rita smashing the claws to find the meat inside, Dexter notices police off in the distance having sealed off a crime scene. Dexter's curiosity gets the best of him and he brings Rita towards the edge of the crowd before telling her he'll be right back. As he equips his forensic ID he notices a body laid out just like the one from earlier, beautifully preserved as well as bloodless.


Angel insults the killer by calling him a "Son of a Whore", a savage, an asshole killer...mainly because of the fact that they have to come in and work on a Friday Night. Dexter plays along agreeing, stating that this seems like the same guy and same pattern with Angel confirming no blood, absolutely bone dry. He begins to inform Dexter that the left leg has a difference in cut this time (it's rough at the ankle, not so much at the knee and midthigh is completely smooth). In addition, the very top of the thigh has the muscle and skin completely filet'd off revealing nothing but bone. Dexter claims that their killer is experimenting, trying to find the right way when Angel suddenly mentions the head missing, which causes Dexter some surprise. He thinks to himself now that this guy is good at what he does, smirking. In an awkward situation, Dexter later describers his fascination with the killer as pure artwork and even demonstrates his technique by "slicing" Rita's thigh at just the right point before getting somewhat sexually aroused by the incident. Rita isn't quite ready for that kind of contact and leaves Dexter feeling a bit out in the open, his head filled with thoughts of this new killer.

The Ice Truck Killer Gets His NameModifica


The following day Dexter Morgan meets with his sister Debra Morgan for lunch, having common small talk until Debra mentions an interesting fact: cell crystallization. She overheard a coroner say the word and brings up her observation about realizing the body parts looked cold, something that hits Dexter as an eye opener. He figures the cold would slow the blood flow and since this most recent victim was the only one showing those signs, the type of storage facility would have to be mobile so he discovers that the transportation has to be a Refrigerated Truck. Dexter figures then that Deb should check for any stolen refrigerated trucks in Miami, a point that she later mentions during a briefing by Lieutenant Maria LaGuerta regarding the case. Because of the nature behind Debra's attempt at explaining her observation (it's fairly nervous and stuttering), LaGuerta dismisses it as something she should "keep to herself".


Dexter had been tracking a potential kill of his own during this investigation into the yet unknown Serial killer and he found this in a violent-rapist turned murderer named Jamie Jaworski. After ambushing him at a factory, Dexter went through his usual ritual before ending Jamie's life to appease his own Dark Passenger while also picking up the pieces to dispose of in his boat (as a note: these body parts were likely disposed of before seeing the Ice Truck and he was simply on his way home from the Mariana). Dexter parks in front of a hotel to take some time to admire the bloodslide for Jamie, feeling that it was a good night. From behind him a truck pulls up and turns on its light, rather bright to get Dexter's attention. He sits there for a moment until it decides to pass by him, surprisingly turning out to be a Refrigerated Truck, in fact it's an Ice Truck the perfect size to act as the transport for bodies, keeping them cold and preserved. Dexter can't believe his luck and begins to follow the truck, unknowingly reaching a dead end...and the truck begins to turn itself around, facing Dexter.


Dexter begins to feel that he's in a dangerous situation, the Serial killer knew exactly that he was being followed and lured Dexter into a trap. The man faces Dexter's car for a moment before driving slowly towards him, turning up the brights on his highbeams so that it prevents Dexter from getting a good look into the driver's seat. As Dexter tries to get glimpse something flies from the window and smacks against the windshield: it's the head of the woman from earlier, having been preserved in the front seat up there with him. Dexter gets out but is unable to see anything more of the truck before police arrive to deal with the situation. They paramedics give Dexter a basic eye test to see how he's doing and Maria LaGuerta arrives to talk about Debra's theory with the Ice Truck panning out seeing as Dexter pretty much just backed it up.


While Dexter is out, Brian sneaks into his house (for what may be referenced as the first instance but it is likely he has been here before) to figure out more about his brother. He leaves a Dismembered Doll in his freezer, with the head of the doll stuck to the front of the door before leaving. When Dexter returns during the day he notices the head "calling out" to him in a sense, as he moves forward playfully flicking the hair...he opens the door to discover the rest of the doll's body. The same expression of awe and curiosity fills Dexter, he enjoys the company of this new "playmate" and welcomes the challenge while admiring his opponent: this is more than just hunting a killer or being hunted by's a friendly gesture of wits and Dexter accepts.


"Dexter: I suppose I should be upset. Even feel violated. But I'm not. No, in fact I think this is a friendly message. Kind of like..."Hey, wanna play?". And yes, I wanna play. I really, really do..."


What is believed to either be the same day or the next, after Dexter returns home from a swim in the river he gets a knock on the door from his sister Debra Morgan thus prompting him to remove the head from the fridge and place it in the freezer along with the body before answering the door (feeling that trying to explain it would be "awkward"). Deb comes in and explains that Lieutenant Maria LaGuerta has everyone out looking for a hidden Refrigerated Truck, while Deb personally feels that this guy would more likely hide it in plain sight than attempt veiling it. LaGuerta, still feeling a strong distaste for Deb, dumps her "witness" theory on Deb to keep searching for one rather than actively join the investigation. Dexter suggests that if Deb can find that truck, she'll find her golden ticket into homicide. After she heads out and Dexter prepares himself for court, he looks in the freezer once more to fiddle with the parts admiring the doll head while putting each body part in a position like a "puzzle", until he discovers that one of the hands has an oddity: each of the five fingernails is colored differently (pink, yellow, purple, orange and green). This frustrates Dexter in a sense because he has no idea what it means (at the time...).


The following day as Dexter is sleeping he receives a call from his sister saying that she found an Ice Truck (first time use of the word). Debra mentions that a cop named Juan Pierre called her about it following her mention of having Patrol keep an eye out on it. The truck was left there overnight and she asks Dexter if that was the truck he saw. He knows it is, but tells her that he wasn't sure (just to play along, he wants to keep the fact that the killer knows who he is a secret). She then notices that the truck's still on, something that results in Angel Batista as well as half the department arriving to turn it into a crime scene. They open up the back and step inside to notice a large ice block featuring the fingertips of a victim displayed perfectly in the center of the block in an surreal fashion. Dexter mentions that no blood was spilt, that the body was already drained beforehand then both he and Batista claim that it was done the old fashion way by slitting the jugular and hanging the body upside down to allow the heart to pump out the rest. Tom Matthews arrives and learns that Debra Morgan was responsible for the find, so he asks LaGuerta to compliment her on his behalf. LaGuerta instead grills her over it, saying that another "stunt like that" will not end well for her.


As part of protocol and in an attempt to find any type of clue as to who the killer is, the police department orders the deconstruction of every single piece of the Ice Truck. Dexter stands on watching, knowing that this guy is too careful to leave any kind of evidence...because he knows that if it were him, he'd do the same. Debra walks up and makes the same observation, something he acknowledges in his head as the real focus is wheeled off to the side: the ice block featuring fingertips. Later on at the lab, while Vince Masuka slowly melts the ice, Dexter stands on anxious to see what puzzle this killer has in store for the department. When enough of the ice clears to reveal the differently colored fingernails of each fingertip, it finally occurs to Dexter that these messages aren't for them...they're meant specifically for himself. The thrown head, the doll's body as well as the one hand painted different colors (the same colors as this victim's fingertips)...he feels that the killer is trying to impress him and as he smiles, he does feel impressed.


A little later on it is Dexter himself (while in his mind) who verbally first says the name Ice Truck Killer, ultimately the name must have been decided shortly after finding the truck as the rest of the department begins using it as well. Interestingly, Brian does not use an Ice Truck after this point yet the name sticks regardless. Back at the lab Dexter confirms that because of the postmortem gloving around the joints, suggesting that the victim was already dead before she was relieved of her fingertips. While Dexter believes this is a sign of letting Dexter make the next move, he asks if there's an ID and Debra says that the victim was ID'd as Sheri Taylor, another prostitute. Deb is called in to talk with Captain Tom Matthews who makes the decision to have Maria LaGuerta transfer Deb out of Vice into Miami Metro Homicide due to her tremendous work on the case thus far. Debra is overexcited that she finally gets to pursue her dream and chase after the Ice Truck Killer as well. After Deb leaves and Tom is about to head out, LaGuerta asks him if he made the right decision...before he tells her that he promoted her after all as well. He exits saying that he wants this "Ice Truck Son of a Bitch" caught.


Dexter returns home following a congratulations dinner with his sister as well as dealing with recent victim Matt Chambers, placing his slide in the box. As he turns around he notices a startling sight: the doll head he had placed in the freezer now sits pasted on the door again, something that proves that Brian had returned yet again inside of his house. He opens up the freezer though to see that the entire body of the doll is missing, something that he was not expecting and feels that this is a message that he needs to come find the killer. He is left with the head, something that Dexter later equips as sort of an unusual key chain.

Tony Tucci - Suspect or Victim?Modifica

When leaving his latest victim at an ice hockey pitch, Brian encountered security guard Tony Tucci, forcing Tony to leave the victim's body parts in the field goal before taking Tucci prisoner. While LaGuerta initially assumed that Tucci was the killer, this theory was disproved when Brian began to leave Tony's disembodied limbs in various locations around the city, selecting his locations based on places where Dexter had been photographed with the Morgans after studying Dexter's family photo album, specifically choosing locations whose names had changed since the original photographs were taken. Eventually tracking Tucci to the basement of the hospital where Harry Morgan's
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father had worked- the last photograph Dexter and Harry had taken together before Harry's illness left him incapacticed-, Dexter discovered Tucci, blindfolded and begging for death. Dexter deduced that the Ice Truck Killer had left him Tucci as a 'gift', but Dexter refused to kill Tucci as he didn't fit the Code, instead leaving an anonymous tip for Debra to find him (so she could be the hero). Whether through chance or deliberate planning (most likely the latter), Brian, under the guise of Rudy Cooper, was the doctor assigned to provide Tucci with prosthetic limbs, but Tucci never recognised his abductor (Brian had him blind-folded and was most likely wearing a mask when he abducted him).

Neil Perry the Ice Truck Killer?Modifica

Shortly after Tucci's rescue, Neil Perry was arrested as evidence emerged suggesting that he was the Ice Truck Killer. Although he was able to provide detailed descriptions of the crimes, Dexter doubted his claim from the beginning as his taxidermy suggested an attempt at creating fake images that the real killer would regard as pathetic, with his theory being confirmed when he met Perry in person and Perry had no idea who he was. LaGuerta, sharing this belief, was able to confirm Perry's innocence when he freaked out when she presented him with a decapitated head while allegedly asking for his 'expert opinion'; Perry had hacked the department's computers and claimed to be the killer for the noteriety of it.

Dexter Meets "Rudy Cooper"Modifica

Family ReunionModifica

Set FreeModifica

Dexter Morgan, unaware of the identity of the killer or his relationship to him, is immediately fascinated with the Ice Truck Killer's methods. Brian hopes to reunite with his brother, who has shut out the traumatic memories of their past. Rudy uses the murders as a way of getting close to Dexter, with the hopes of encouraging him to abandon his double life and commit his murders freely with Brian. He starts leaving victim's body parts in significant places from Dexter's childhood. He also kidnaps a security guard named Tony Tucci and leaves him tied up for Dexter to find, hoping his brother will finish him off, but Dexter does not kill Tucci because of the principles he inherited from Harry.

When this plan fails, Brian decides to get more directly involved with Dexter's life. He starts dating Dexter's sister by adoption, Debra Morgan, as a way of getting closer to Dexter. Debra falls in love with Brian, but feels discouraged when he starts showing more interest in Dexter than in her. Brian starts easing Dexter into the truth of their past by killing their birth father, so that Dexter will get his inheritance and start learning about his past. He also continues to leave Dexter clues as the Ice Truck Killer, spraying a hotel room with blood to recreate the place their mother was murdered.

Brian stabs Angel Batista when the detective finds clues to the Ice Truck Killer's identity, but Angel fights Brian off and survives. When Dexter discovers that Brian is the one who stabbed Angel, he realizes that Brian is the Ice Truck Killer. Brian kidnaps Debra and leads Dexter to their old family home, where he reveals his true identity, their relationship as brothers, and the truth of their past. He tries to convince Dexter to join him in killing Debra, thus leaving his old life behind and starting a new life with his real brother, but Dexter stops hi
File:Rudy-Cooper-Brian-Moser CUAIMA20090707 0070 18.jpg
m and saves his sister. Brian later goes to Dexter's apartment, where he believes Debra is staying, and tries to kill her. However, it turns out to be a trap set by Dexter. He strangles Brian until he passes out and
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transports him to Brian's apartment, where he suspends him in the air, just as Brian did to his victims as the Ice Truck Killer. Brian tries to convince Dexter to set him free, telling his brother he can be free to be his true self with him. A frustrated Dexter loudly dismisses this, causing a single tear to run out of Brian's eyes. Dexter says he can't let Brian live because he knows he will always want to kill Debra. Brian continues to lecture Dexter on how he's being irrational and choosing to live a lie for people who will never really know or care about his real-self, instead of embracing his family who is just like him and accepts him for who he is, without apology. Dexter is tempted, but ultimately slices Brian's throat, telling him he can't hear anymore, while admitting Brian is right.
File:2013-08-21 0302.png

Dexter convinces the police that Brian committed suicide in the same way he committed his crimes; forensic evidence even supports this theory as the cut on his throat becomes notably less tight as it nears the end, which is assessed as the result of Brian dying as he inflicted the wound rather than Dexter's own reluctance at what he is doing. Dexter is the only person to mourn his brother's death and he is the first victim that he does not take a souvenir blood sample from (that is, after he started with Alex Timmons), since he is the first victim he wishes he could have set free and in all reality, did set him free (through death).

Seconda StagioneModifica


After killing the one person who knows, understands and accepts him, Dexter is in tears and find himself in a state of grief, so much so, that he loses himself for weeks into the next season, unable to kill one person and botching the kill of another.
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Letting GoModifica

Brian is seen only briefly (or referred to) in Season two, being a part of the main plot in Episodes 201 and 202 (It's Alive! and Waiting to Exhale, respectively). By the end of Episode 202, Dexter comes to the realization that he, to be able to forgive himself and be able to kill again, must get rid of pieces that reminded him of his brother. This included the head of the barbie doll Brian left at Dexter's apartment when Brian was still anonymous to Dexter as well as other small things. As he drops the items into the water, the items transform into Brian and latch onto Dexter's hand, but Dexter lets go and drops Brian into the depths of the water, figuratively submerging his memories of their interactions.

Terza StagioneModifica

Helping A Friend DieModifica

Quarta StagioneModifica

The Truth About Dexter's FamilyModifica

His former love Debra Morgan begins an investigation into the past of the Ice Truck Killer She learns of Laura Moser and through extensive research, finally discovers the truth about Dexter's relation to Brian as his actual biological brother. She confronts him about this, informing him of this information while also realizing that Brian was using her just to get to Dexter. The matter is never spoken of again following the Trinity Case, though Brian is often mentioned in Dexter's thinking in relation to events where he deals with someone's brother and other characters often refer back to the case through the series.

Sesta StagioneModifica

Season Six of DEXTER has been filled with reference to Brian Moser or just in general, the Ice Truck Killer.

Girl with an InterestModifica

For the most part, the Ice Truck Killer case had been buried. That is until a new intern in the Miami Metro Homicide forensics department came on scene, the beautiful young Ryan Chambers. In getting close to Vince Masuka, he eventually brought up the evidence from the Ice Truck Killer case for her to look through as sort of a gift. She expressed her fascination with the case, having followed it since the details were made public and that she even painted her fingernails to match the coloring that Brian used on his victims. The mannequin arm left in the evidence box was later stolen by her as a purpose of selling it on the internet. Brian was later mentioned again when Dexter saw Nathan's body during the "Four Horses of Apocalypse" crime scene, cut into separate parts similar to Brian's M.O. Masuka's requested his new intern Louis Greene to find a way to get the prosthetic arm back, unfortunately it was too late to get it back (in reality, Louis was the one who bought it). However he was able to erase all traces of it being on sale in the auction as well as any evidence linking the department, and with the Ice-Truck Case being frozen, all seems to be fine. Or so Masuka thought...

L'oscuro passeggeroModifica


At the end of Just Let Go, he is seen clapping his hands after Dexter drowns Nick for the murder of Brother Sam. When Dexter comes back on the shore, he asks, "Hey, little brother. Miss me?"

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Modus operandiModifica

Although Dexter and Debra speculated that he committed his murders in an ice truck (hence his name) and it is known that he stole one, which may have been used prior to the pilot and it is where Dexter, Debra and Angel found the severed finger tips of one of his victims, it is revealed in episode 8 that he has custom refrigeration unit in his apartment. He often dismembered his victims and left them wrapped up for the police to find. One of his trademark habits is draining the blood from his victims as his method of killing them, which earns him Dexter's admiration. He does this by using a machine that hoists his victims up by their legs; slicing their carotid artery and jugular vein afterwards. The blood then is pumped into a bucket which he later uses to cover an entire hotel room in the collective blood of his victims. This causes his brother Dexter to remember a part of his past. Dexter later uses this ritual to make his brother's death look like a suicide.

Nel romanzoModifica

In Darkly Dreaming Dexter (unlike in the TV series), Brian does not use the name Rudy Cooper and does not get romantically involved with Deborah. He is noted as having a very strong resemblance to Dexter, to the point that upon seeing an image of Brian with dismembered corpses, Dexter and Deborah are convinced that Dexter is the murderer of the novel. The only physical differences noted by Dexter when they meet are that Brian is an inch or two taller, thicker through the shoulders and chest, and paler. He first meets Dexter face-to-face in a shipping container located in the same place as the one where their mother was murdered, with Deborah tied up and ready for Dexter to kill. Rather than killing either Deborah or Brian, Dexter lets him go. Their professions differ as well; the books have Brian working with imports, while the series has him as a prosthetic surgeon. The age gap between Brian and Dexter is noted as being only 1 year in the book. In the books he is known as the Tamiami Slasher.

Brian returns in Dexter is Delicious after learning of the birth of Dexter's daughter. He introduces himself to Dexter's family, and he worked for the cannibalist coven that would later lure Dexter, Deborah and Kyle Chutsky into a trap, later saving them from the cannibals.

In Double Dexter Brian still shows up for the weekly Friday dinners at the Morgan/Bennet household, while he works with real estate. He also helps Dexter removing a problem.


Dexter Morgan - Brian grew up protecting his little brother, having a love for him that's stronger than all bonds. After they were separated following their mother's death, he held onto the memory of a family (his brother Dexter) and after growing up, settling a life for himself he went to track down Dexter until he finally found him in Miami. Once Brian discovered his brother was just like him, he decided to play a game with him in order to get to know his brother better and in the same sense, make him remember what he had forgotten. Everything Brian did was for Dexter during the Ice Truck Killer investigation, he was smart, cunning and even confronted Dexter under an alias. His love for Dexter was so great that it triumphed over anything he felt for someone else, including Debra Morgan whom he used as apart of his plan to help Dexter. In the end, he still held onto the affection he had for Dexter despite Dexter's choice to live as he had been...and did not show anger towards him in his final moments.

Debra Morgan - What could be believed as a mere mask, Brian likely did feel for Debra in his own way. While he was just as skilled at hiding his true self and faking emotion like his brother, some of his actions towards Debra under the guise of Rudy appeared sincere enough. The only issue is that Brian's love for his brother far surpassed anything he may have felt for Debra in the end and despite his ultimate intention, he wanted to be careful with her (until she became more feral in her attempt to escape, causing him to just become a slight bit violent). It is possible he even did love her. Of note, he had a deep interest in Debra's legs fitting in with his nature of adoring the human form.

Laura Moser - Brian's love for his mother never vanished, since he remembered how she was brutally slaughtered it's likely he cherished her far more than he could ever have done for his father Joe Driscoll. The event in question warped his dark passenger into craving dismemberment, even draining of blood...something that after studying the human form, he used to carefully cut each body part into multiple pieces. Brian also seemed very fascinated in the way her fingernails were painted, so much that he painted Monique's prosthetic hand's fingernails each of the five colors his mother used to do. Of note, only his female victims were ever cut up into pieces (any of his male victims were simply killed and left whole).

Joe Driscoll - His relationship with his father is unclear, however based on Brian's shy nature as a child it's likely the drugs that his father did were often taken out on Brian thus forcing him to remain the quiet sort. He eventually kills Joe but it's unclear why he chose to, considering the importance of family to all of them. It may have been the way Joe just let Laura die, her boys suffer in that shipping container for several days and ignoring him and Dexter for all those years or perhaps the way he treated them both, when he was around. Regardless, he did not hesitate in causing his father's death.

Personaggi connessi a Brian o al Killer del camion frigoModifica

As of Sesta Stagione, more and more characters have a connection with either Brian himself or the Ice Truck Killer in general. Interestingly, Brian is the only antagonist to be mentioned in some capacity every season.

Dexter Morgan - As the brother of Brian, the Ice Truck Killer's work in Miami was meant entirely for Dexter. It is believed that before tracking his brother down that the body parts were disposed of after death, as there is at least one victim Brian kills where the body parts are not left out on display.

Debra Morgan - She fell in love with Brian (under the name Rudy), ultimately being used in the end she still often refers to him as a "really great guy that turned out to be a serial killer". Usually this type of terminology is not used for someone absolutely resented, which means she possibly believed the lie Dexter made up regarding his "saving" of Deb (that Rudy called Dexter to tell him that he was having second thoughts and wanted to be talked out of it). Due to that, she never claims hatred for Brian but rather feels that he did actually love her and as such was just suffering from the psychological issues that made him a killer. Of note, she rarely calls Brian his actual name but still uses the term "Rudy".

Harry Morgan - Harry knew about both Brian and Dexter before the Shipyard Massacre as he was intimate with Laura Moser, their mother and his informant. Harry even made a promise that he would let nothing happen to her or her boys, though she unfortunately meets her death in the shipping container. When Harry enters the container he picks up Dexter and looks Brian in the eye, seeing that he's a "fucked up kid" (according to Brian) and rather than go back to get him by himself he takes Dexter out then orders several other police officers to get in there immediately. Harry continued to hide Brian's existence from Dexter and it's unknown whether or not he ever met Brian again in his lifetime, as Brian had already been released by the time Harry eventually killed himself. Brian personally despised Harry for taking Dexter away from him and implementing the "code".

Laura Moser - As his mother, Laura cared for both her boys lovingly. After Dexter was born, he became her baby of sorts but it's likely she still cared greatly for Brian. After her death, Brian never forgot her and became obsessed with the way she died, in addition to the color that Laura painted her fingernails.

Joe Driscoll - As his father, it's unknown the relationship between the two. Brian eventually ended his life despite the importance of family, likely suggesting that Brian didn't care that much for his father (for either letting their mother die or for reasons between the two).

Tony Tucci - His first attempted victim, a man he continued to cut body parts off of only to make sure that he was medically tended to and kept healthy. Brian planned on Tucci being Dexter's kill, so the longer Dexter took to realize the truth the more likely body parts would find themselves showing up at various locations in Dexter's past. At first Brian insured that Tucci would be a fall guy, leading the police on a wild goose chase but in the end after Dexter decided to spare Tucci, Rudy ended up helping put him back together. It is likely that Brian (as Rudy) felt some sort of pride in "fixing" taking him apart, he made the man appreciate life more once he was saved and as gratitude he didn't seem to mind creating the prosthetic parts needed for Tucci to have a life again.

Victims - All of his female victims were lured in by his attractiveness both physically and personality wise, then promptly killed for his dark urges. Any male victims were killed simply as tools in Brian's plot.

Angel Batista - Angel begins following up a lead based on a woman he met named Monique, leading him to talk to Brian (as Rudy Cooper) regarding prosthetics. At first Brian readies himself to kill Angel if he knew too much but decides not to when it seems Angel has no idea it's him...that is until Angel begins to snoop further and Brian strikes him down in a garage to protect himself. Angel survives the attack and is later able to figure out that Rudy's true identity is Brian Moser.

Monique - Monique is a prostitute that met with Brian over a year before his killings in Miami, she had a strong fascination for him and how he was to her as a John. At first he was violent until he noticed the imperfection as well as the prosthetic arm, then his tune changed to a gentle (and worshiping) attitude. Ultimately however, to cover his tracks he turns Monique into one of his victims despite the fact that "Imperfection saved her the first time".

Camilla Figg - Camilla knew about Brian's existence, but insured that this data would never reach Dexter to protect him. After she is on her death bed, she reveals to Dexter that she was able to connect the truth about the Ice Truck Killer to Dexter's brother and is one of the few people that knows this reality. Dexter, before helping her pass on, tells her that she was right about Brian and that he killed him. Before she dies, she says that he did good killing him.

Ryan Chambers - Ryan is an intern for Vince Masuka that joins the department during the events of the Doomsday Killer Investigation. Masuka feeling that he wants to impress her, takes up evidence from the investigation to show her and says that he remembered her saying she was "really into the case". Ryan admits that she was actually obsessed with it, following it night and the box is opened and she sees first Brian's hospital badge, then the Prosthetic Hand worn by Monique. She looks at it in awe, placing her hand close to where the fingertips show each differently colored nail, claiming that she painted her nails just like that herself. Following this event, Ryan actually steals the hand from evidence and sells it on a website...something that Masuka doesn't take lightly to (ultimately removing her as an intern). Of note, Ryan also mentioned the Bay Harbor Butcher and Trinity Killer.

Louis Greene - Louis is the replacement intern over Ryan Chambers for Vince Masuka. He's a computer genius who aides in the Doomsday Killer Investigation while also helping Vince out with the "problem" regarding the sold hand. In reality, it's revealed that Louis is actually the buyer of the hand and was the original caller who asked about it back when Ryan was still working there. Louis is a mysterious character whose exact connection to ITK or Dexter is unknown, however he idolizes Dexter Morgan and in a way similar to Brian himself, appears to be getting close to Jamie Batista in order to get closer to Dexter. However he may genuinely have feelings for her, it can't be denied that his fascination in Dexter is noteworthy.

Michelle Ross - In Debra's confessions to her therapist, she reveals that not only was she dating a serial killer but that he was Dexter's biological brother. Recently Ross has put a lot of focus on that fact, that she chose to be with a serial killer and she's responsible for that decision even though Debra feels she couldn't have known that truth about him.

Travis Marshall - While not technically connected, many comparisons are made between the way Travis kills people and the way Brian did. First the dismemberment of Nathan Roberts, similar to the way Brian cut up his victims. Second, the need to convey a message...but as Dexter says, Brian's were "tailor-made for him"...the message Travis conveys is to the world. Third and most recently, Trent Casey was strung up to bleed out much like the way Brian handled his victims and the buckets of blood (used as part of a trap) is also similar.


The following is a list of episodes that Brian Moser has appeared in. Prima Stagione


  • Brian may be ambidextrous. In Shrink Wrap, he is seen moving his computer mouse with his left hand. However, in the very next episode, Father Knows Best, he is seen "playing" air guitar right handed.
  • During his childhood, Dexter usually addressed Brian as "Biney", because he had trouble correctly pronouncing his name.
  • Brian is one of only three characters to appear to Dexter as an illusion, the other two being Harry Morgan and Laura Moser. He is also the first to do so, appearing to Dexter in Waiting to Exhale, long before Harry became Dexter's "inner conscience".
  • Brian, unlike Harry, is actually seen interacting with things other than Dexter in his passenger form. Dexter imagines him eating, and even tossing body parts into the ocean and stabbing a man with a pitchfork.
  • Brian was the first of Dexter's victims that he did not take a sample of blood from, except for the victims he killed before he started to take blood slides.
  • Brian Moser is the only antagonist to be related to Dexter.
  • Brian's father's surname, Driscoll, and his mother's surname, Moser, indicate that he is of Irish and German descent.


Note: It is highly likely Brian's number of victims is much higher, possibly even surpassing Dexter's body count (by the time of his death).

  • Also, in Nebraska, Dexter imagines Brian stabbing Norm with a pitch fork, though it was actually him who stabbed Norm.

Attempted VictimsModifica

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